Our Aims

We aim to provide care for those who are vulnerable and wish to remain at home.

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Elderly lady reading a book with a carer
Company Goals
At Halo Community Care we are a domiciliary service that aim to provide vulnerable adults to live as safely and independently as possibly achievable.

Our purpose is to care for adults in their own homes. We understand people have different needs and requirements and therefore tailor your support needs to give service users the best, most productive, consistent package of support.

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Halo aim to offer a well thought out and managed service to service users to offer a well lead service to promote the goodness and wellbeing of all of our service users to maintain the safety and wellbeing while remaining as independent for as long as possible while in your own home.

All staff will be trained as up to date as required alongside this staff will be enrolled on NVQ training schemes. Staff will also be required to train in the POVA (the protection of vulnerable adults).

We promote independence and maintain high levels of respect, self-respect, confidence, safe management, and life-style prospects at a safe and comfortable level. We are proud to be able to offer this all the time it is required. While working with service users we will maintain and review needs and care plans to enable all involved to be as up to date as possible enabling service users to get the best out of their time with us while on our visits. Our services will be aimed and provided to adults aged 65 and upwards.

Holding hands
Person centred care forms are at the heart of the service we provide, and all our staff are committed in every way to achieve our aims and objectives -
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  • To deliver the highest level of service possible in the aim to improve and maintain the service user’s quality of life.
  • The elimination of discrimination
  • To guarantee that the service is as flexible  and attentive as possible while respecting all  service users/people have a human right and this involves a right to respect, dignity, privacy, choice, fulfilment and the right to make informed decisions.
  • To provide the most appropriate member of staff to service users with needs that can be catered to as efficiently as allows in some cases be trained on more of a senior level would be working alongside service users with more complex needs and requirements.
  • The assurance that the client is respected and treated fairly no irrespective of religion, sexual orientation, political views, disability, marital status, culture, race, origin, sexuality,
  • The care service will be managed efficiently and effectively to enable best resources to enable service users the best value for money.
  • To ensure service users are familiar/have the documentation on the procedure to make a complaint, compliment, or comments about the service they receive.
  • To include service users and family and carers in the maintenance, development and management of services which will be monitored regularly as part of the quality assurance framework ensuring that the service provided is in the best interests of our service users.